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And one more…

Continuing with the Walkmen theme: here is a new family album from Walter Martin. This is not the more popular single, but I just love the kazoos. Enjoy,


There are a few million singer-songwriters out there trying to be Bob Dylan. And some of them do it quite well. Some of them don’t end up sounding all that much like Dylan but still end up making interesting music. And of course there are uncounted masses who sound terrible.

In 2014 you don’t find a lot of people outside Vegas trying to be Frank Sinatra. And those who do generally end up missing Sinatra and landing on Tom Jones instead.

On his solo album, Hamilton Leithauser (lead singer of the Walkmen, Dan impersonator) manages to fail at sounding like Sinatra without sliding into the Tom Jones abyss. And the result is a pretty great album.

After watching the clip above you can see a live performance of "The Silent Orchestra" at KEXP. Then make sure you listen to “Alexandra.” I’m not sure if it’s the best track on the album, nor is it particularly representative, but I do think it’s the catchiest.

And, of course, if you never got around to listening to Sam’s earlier post from this album, do so.





"Were You There" - by Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers

I’ve been listening to Sam Cooke since Sam (not Cooke) posted “Touch the Hem of His Garment.” This track is so good (and I like it better than the version on The 2 Sides of Sam Cooke).


Thank you, Mark. Does this sound kind of like Springsteen to anybody?



"Eyes to the Wind" by the War on Drugs

Fellas. You need to find time to listen to this album. It’s wonderful.


"Burning" by the War on Drugs

Listening through this album for the first time this afternoon. It’s really fantastic. Really good.